Work From Home During Retirement

Do you know how are you going to pay for retirement?  Work from Home an option?

Continued research is proving that retirees are working longer!  Will you work from home to help pay for retirement?

Not retiring at the conventional retirement age of 65?

What are you doing to prepare for your retirement years?

If you have followed the trend of not preparing ahead, then you are looking at fewer options for this time in your life.  

The next stage is to find what type of employment you will choose to add the needed income for these years.

Many varied opportunities  exist for this available work pool.  work from home for retired people

The experience along with the skill level represented. This combination of an available labor force has not escaped the eyes of business owners.  

These are the qualifications needed for the workplace.

These business owners are now looking at how to work more effectively.  

They are trying to boost their profits.

They are working at lowering expense when budgeting for their businesses.

We are in a changed economic world. Hiring part time experienced people. This move alone  results in as much profit as a full-time employee with no experience.

They don’t have to provide benefits when hiring someone who has medicare. Newer, younger employees need this healthcare benefit. 

There have been many innovations in the workplace.  Opportunities for continued employment for those who want to continue working.  

This is a win-win situation for all involved.  

This allows those who are continuing to work to began to  adjust to life in retirement.

Do not consider retirement lightly. 

It is a daunting change in your life and the adjustment is not for the faint of heart.

  • You will no longer be receiving a paycheck  
  • There is not the social interaction with co-workers
  • No longer will you have workplace responsibilities.  Those little things you use to push you through the day.

There are many studies that show the mental changes that occur as you are settling into retirement lead to health problems and depression

These are very real issues.  This time should be planned to allow yourself time to adjust to your new lifestyle and pace.  What are you going to do the first week?  The first month?

Retirement is something that you can help yourself get prepared for.


This  retirement thing is not some big unknown plague.

It doesn’t jump on you in an unguarded moment when you are not expecting it.  

This time builds and will come. At least to the fortunate who get to live long enough to retire. 

Please know retirement time happens with or without your awareness.  

Many people find themselves needing to work in retirement.  

Knowing if this will be what you need to do will give you some time to prepare.  Time to plan and figure out what you want to do during these years in your life.

You must prepare.  Be advised that you had rather make the preparations yourself than have it done for you.  

Finding that you have no choices about working during retirement?  This can make your attitude about the situation more negative.  All because you can not afford to retire.  

This may not be a good thing.  However, maybe this could be a good thing.

How much will you need to work?  Will you need to earn $250 a week, or will you need $650?  Write it down, figure it out.  Do the math. 

Know what is down the road for you.  Make some plans for what you want to do.  

How to take the surprise of finding that you will have to work.

During retirement.  I know you thought you would quit working,

Planning the after retirement employment helps with that adjustment to the new situation.

In the back of your mind, ideas of unending time with nothing you have to do were floating around.  

Know if it is a real, or an unreal expectation.

Easing into retirement

How this work from home idea is a good way to make this change to the next stage of your life. 

There are some who have prepared to spend time traveling, or whatever their passion is. These retirees eagerly look forward to this time and are already packing and making travel arrangements for that wonderful day.

That is the key.  Planning  

You just need to take the time to figure out how you want to live these next years in your life.  

How do you plan to make this transition?  How do you give meaning and purpose to these years?

work from home

Many who are searching for a way to make money in their retirement years.

Realizing that they haven’t done their planning.  

Two things to consider immediately are:

  • Do you absolutely need to make money immediately?  
  • Or Can you be O K for a while, just concerned with finances a bit farther along the way.  
  • Will your money last your lifetime?

The planning takes time.

You will also need to give some attention to the fact that a big change in your life is on the way with retirement. 

Most who are searching for a job for retirement are in employment that requires a great deal of them.  

They are usually either in a job that causes physical stress, or one with mental stress and pressure. They have little time or energy for developing a hobby that can become a part-time earning opportunity.

Nor is there the time, energy or money to  take classes to learn a new skill. One to make yourself eligible for another line of work in retirement. 

There are many different fields out there where your skills and experience are marketable. 

Your work ethics make you valuable.  

There has been a noticeable relaxing of work ethics as well as reliability. Employers realize this shift in qualifications is evident when people apply for work. 

Many new, less skilled workers are not committed to their jobs.  They are not as concerned with proving themselves reliable as workers in other generations have been. 

Having some seniors to apply always made my heart skip a beat  

The younger ones might be faster, more knowledgeable of the programs that were required for the work.  However, when they did not show up, those things do not matter.   

You havework from home valuable skills. 

Maybe it is time to change your focus to a lighter responsibility level of your present job. 

Maybe some similar business is needing someone for a 2 or 3 day week. 

Newer and smaller business are aware of the value of experience.  The new companies do not have the budgets for a full-time hire with your experience. However, they could afford to hire you for a partial week, or month. 

Network with friends and acquaintances!

Find out what is going on around that would be fun to be able to help grow and develop.  

There is something absolutely addictive about seeing the results of a new company or a new direction for an established business.   

The main thing that stands in the way of being able to market yourself for employment after retiring is not knowing what you want to do.  If you have an interest, pursue a job in that field.

The 2nd thing that makes finding a job for retirement seem harder than it is, is the lack of confidence to get out there and market yourself.  

You will sometimes have opportunity knock on your door.  

However most find that they must get out and talk to people and find out where the door of opportunity is. Work from home 

Talk to friends and relatives.  

Let them know that you want to work some in retirement and when you are available. Get some business cards printed with contact information. Share around in your circle. 

The employees where you shop will have an amazing feel for what is going on around them.  They know what companies they do business with. These same people know who is hiring, relocating or whatever.

They will have a network of friends and family as well as contacts from the store’s customers.This is a good information starting place.  Share a business card with that person.  

Do not forget your clergy in your church.  They will have an insight into who is doing what, and who might need some part time help.

While you are waiting

Why not check out the places for volunteering in your neighborhood.  

You are  waiting for something to develop from your contact and networking efforts. Volunteer for something that is interesting to you.  

Maybe having a volunteer for 10 AM till 3:00 P M will allow a break in the day for the person who is taking care of the Museum in your community.

Just a day or two a week will help get you ou.   A good way to get you acquainted in a different area from your present contact circle.  

The local libraries usually need volunteers as well.

Taking a day to help with meals on wheels will do wonders for your self-esteem.  

You never know who will cross your path as you are contributing in your neighborhood.

This keeps your social contacts growing.   While helping this transition time become more comfortable for you.  

Work from home

Now for the suggestion that rings my bell and makes me excited.  Online marketing. Affiliate marketing or making money.  Work at home.  

Talk about a wide open field.  

Being able to choose a new path.  

Pursue a new interest.  This way of making money by being able to work at home online has it all and more.  

You just need training.  Some help.  You will need to figure out what.   Then how you want to work in this area. 

Talk about finding something that gets you up and moving.  Ready for more learning, more research, or more following the training! 

Yes, it is a good thing to be at this time in your life.

I love sharing the education opportunity that I have found. If this is of interest to you check out the fun jobs for retirement work from homeWealthy Affiliate open education opportunity here    Is work from home the answer for you?

It is your retirement.  It is up to you to make it the best it can be!


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