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So you want to learn to work from home online for Free?

Have you heard about Wealthy Affiliate?   A place you can learn to work from home online for Free?3 light bulbs eith senior adult, retiree upi me

I am so excited about how much I have learned since finding Wealthy Affiliate University.  

My start came after doing some research.  Then came joining for my free membership.  

All as outlined and listed by the program.  

Check it out right now

As  I soon learned, the free level was greater than any training I had looked into.  

I also knew I would need the full level of support and access to be successful.  

I had no previous skills.  This was new for me.

This was not my fault, by any means

It was just fact.  My skill level was so low when I joined.  I could not grasp the lesson content on the first time through.  

It took the interaction from the network community.  There was so much for me to learn.

I mistakenly thought I had to learn to do everything.  All at one time.  

Not so. You each learn at your own speed.  Based on what is important to you.

Thank goodness, there were so many who were willing to help.  

One of the unexpected benefits of learning to work online?  For me, there has been the improved ability to express myself through writing.  

I have learned how to share ideas.  Learned how to express my ideas. 

Another surprising development has been the self-discovery. 

I am learning  how to make my own personal life more enjoyable!.  

I knew that retirement was a huge leap of faith.  

There would be changes.  I  just did not know there would be such an adjustment.

Writing has allowed me to get a plan started.  

Make some corrections along the way.   Wake up every morning so excited and ready for my day.  

Has your retirement been everything you wanted it to be? 

Do you have a plan for making it better?

Do you find boredom creeping in?  You will need a plan to keep depression from developing.  

Depression is a natural result of the boredom!

Finding an interest was a challenge at first. Work from home online for free

I tried all sorts of things that I thought were the answer to the boring times I had. 

I wanted something to enjoy and spend some time actually doing.  

And most were fun to learn.  Just not to continue doing once I learned how.  

Learn how to work from home online for free

The answer for me was the challenge of making money online.  The whole concept has always intrigued me.

However, I knew that as in most things, there was more than met the eye.

This led me  to the networked community within Wealthy Affiliate University. 

So many experienced online marketers.

Marketers who give advice and make suggestions when the going gets tough.

The sincerity with which the suggestion are given.  I look back at my journey and how far I have come.  

Of course, I look forward and see how far I can to go.

I know that there is  one thing I want to share.

It is up to you to find that interest that pushes you.  For some retirees, it is travel.  For some, it is charity work.  Others have hobbies they are passionate about.  Have you found complete contentment with these interests?  

Do those dreams belonged to someone else?

I needed My dream

What is your dream?  What are your interests? 

How will you spend your retirement years? 

Will you be busy with someone else’s dream?

I wanted to share this blog written by a member of the platform I work from. 

She is one of many.  She has found the self-satisfaction of learning a skill.  One she wanted to learn.  

Learning to make money from home online.  Yes, from home, or where ever you want to work.

This link will take you inside the blog post site we use within the company.

I have followed Rosie as she progresses through.  And appreciated her sharing her feelings concerning what she has accomplished.  I think you will as well.


Are you interested in working with people from other countries?

Learning about their business ideas?  How to make an international company successful?

My interest in sharing what I have learned has grown as I  have learned.  

I started my site to compile information.  I wanted to share how to learn online marketing. 

Then there was the evolution to writing about what I know about this time in my life. 

Retirement and the adjustment to this time in my life.    

Joining the two interests has made me able to connect.  Find a more satisfying interest for retirement time.  

Learn to make money from home online for free has opened so many doors for me.

This is where I needed to be.

If you do not have a driving interest, that is O K.  You will probably change your interest as you learn.  

I have much more sympathy for those who attended college.  Changed their majors after a bit.  You develop as you learn.

Some start with a definite idea of what they want to write about.  How they want to build their business. 

I do envy those, but that was their route. 

Mine is for me.  I am not spending my days doing something that others want me to or expect me to.

I am doing what I want to.   Learning at my speed and ability.

So while learning, I also had a language to learn. work from home online for free

I have finally realized that I can learn at my pace.  

Eventually, it all came together.  You kept plugging away.  And it slowly happened.  I could speak more of the online marketing language.

You kept plugging away.  It slowly happened.  I could speak more of the online marketing language.

 I could speak more of the online marketing language.

I can do this at my speed.  I set my own goals.  

It is true, learning is the best brain exercise you can practice.

Thank you for allowing me to share this information from my retirement journey with you.  

Are you ready for your journey?  If so, here is a bit more information about my study platform.  

You will find Wealthy Affiliate will answer your questions about how to work from home online. Free.

Now it is your turn to plan to make your retirement more fun  

The first thing when starting to plan for something?   Is to know what you want from that plan.  

  • Do you want to make money?  
  • Do you want to help others?  
  • Do you want to learn how and figure out how to make it work, once you have skills?  
  • Some in our networked community are working on sites for helping people.  People with serious illness or incapacitating conditions.
  • Others are building a many-sided reoccurring money stream.  
  • Some have online stores.  
  • Some have a combination of all. 

There are so many options for consideration.  

  • Some are just sharing ideas for making lives better.  
  • There are the bloggers who just entertain. 

Do you want to learn how to make money  online?  

You can learn to work from home online for free.  

The choice is yours  !

Are you bored and getting depressed?  

Here is one avenue for change.  Interest.  Action.  

It is your retirement time.  

How do you want to spend it?

 Why are you just sitting there?    Check it out! Or go here to sign up for free. 

The choice is yours.  Sami signature


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