Working On My Retirement Bucket List Suggestions


 Retirement bucket list suggestions.  retirement bucket list suggestions

Working on my retirement bucket list suggestions. Just taking a quick check.

 How is your progress?

You realize this is a responsibility that you owe not only yourself but your fellow retirees?  We need to have a great retirement time.  We need to have fun.  Live a good full life.  Be happy.  

Are you really happy

During a recent visit to the grocery store, oh, wait a minute.  Need to make sure to catch you up on what is going on.  Life moves pretty fast during these retirement years.   Especially where I live.

It is important that you understand how busy we are here.

Yes, we live in a small town in the hill country of Texas.  We have only one grocery store.

It is a very social place. It is more than a grocery store. If we need fresh produce, as well as groceries, we visit the local store. 

It is the one place that everyone comes through to pick up what they forgot to bring with them.  

I know that those city dudes with the camouflage pants and shirts could not possibly have realized the need to pack the $150 firepit when they left Houston, could they? 

Then there is the wood to burn in it.  They do not have an ax to chop wood from around their hunting blinds to burn.  Besides, the little bundles are so easy to manage and haul.

You know the important stuff one needs in small towns.

In our modern world, few people are living where they can not stop and grab what is needed for immediate use on the way home.  Especially fire pits at the grocery store. (I told you, this is more that a grocery store)

Anyway, here I am, in the grocery store, picking up the necessities for the weekend. No, this is not a picture of the produce display in the local store.  I can dream, though.my retirement bucket list suggestions

I can see down in the middle of the aisle.  Right where the pickles and mustard are displayed for me choose from.  A young lady is holding a loud conversation with an older lady.

After a bit of “so good to see you” and “where are you living now?”  “How is your Mama?”  They finally caught their breath!  They realize that I can not get by.   And they allow me to select my needs and move on.

Yes, I have manners.  I know I could go around to the other end of the aisle, and come in that way.  However, the husbands of the 2 ladies are having their own conversation at the other end of the aisle.

They are loading up “guy stuff,” 6-packs of beer, some huge bags of chips. The big jar of pretzels left over from slow pretzel sales last Christmas.  Don’t forget the jerky, you know the important stuff.  A local shopper would not disturb this important work.  

My Bucket List

Living a more relaxed lifestyle?  #17 on my bucket list.  That one is already checked off.

Getting comfortable with the best times to get my shopping done?  Well, that is still to be done.  It is really O K though, as I had to add that one after living here a while.  Just did not realize it was important. Besides, I read that great bucket lists are works in progress.  

Retirement Fun

So does this sound like retirement is not fun?  That would be very misleading. Finally, realizing retirement is a separate phase of life?  This is for sure only reality.

We heard about retirement so long.   Did not really consider ourselves candidates for this phase of life.

If you have saved and “planned” for retirement, you may not have this reality check like I did.  Finally woke up and figured out how to save a bit, but did not plan for what to do with ourselves.  

What are you going to spend your day doing?

Are you finding your retirement direction a bit different than you anticipated?

Have you played golf a lot?  Gone fishing?  Traveled as much as you want to right now?

I know what you mean.  While my leisure time was not spent learning to play golf.  Or fish.  Traveling. Those are not activities that interest me.

I did visit grandkids, got to spend time with them. Took a trip or two.  We did do what we wanted to do for a while, but soon time began to hang heavy. Honestly, I found myself a little bored.  

What is happening here

Retirement had lost some of its excitement.  I hated to admit I was bored.  I missed the challenge of a business and the social contacts of work.

If you have read other blogs that I have written, you know about this idea that I wanted an online business.  How to do it?

Here I was willing to learn but did not know how to find a structured learning platform.

Did know I would need mentors and structure and lots of help.  Yes, I wanted to do this, so I got busy and did some research.  Wound up on The Wealthy Affiliate’s Open Education opportunity doorstep.

Felt that I had died and gone to heaven.  The challenges are here. Something new appears as soon as an old thing is mastered.

The best way to get something done is to startRetirement bucket list suggestions

This is hard work.  Not in the physical sense.  But the work must be done.  As with all labors of love, so enjoyable.  Building an online business does not require sweaty labor.

I am so grateful to have this all-consuming interest in building and maintaining a site online.  Even when I have an especially frustrating day with some technology issue that I do not understand. 

All I have to do is remember how hard building the last brick and mortar business we had was.

The long days, the nights spent learning and building.  Opening offices, getting employees in and trained and ready for the business to open.

The amount of money that we went into debt for.  Yes, am glad to say that we have been there, done that. Have the Tee shirt.  We are ever so grateful to have had the opportunity for the business.  It was the first time we really made some actual money.

The businesses before that had been enough to keep a roof over the head, and food on the table.  But when we quit working the money would not be coming in.  There was nothing to offer if we were not working.

Yes, that is how a service business is.  

A shift in gears

So back to the last business we had.  We were fortunate in the timing of the business cycle and government regulations, but as in all things the cycles continue, and the good times were not so abundant.

Selling when we did was so opportune for us.

The lessons learned while learning to run a Franchised business?   After so many years of being my own boss,  just managing myself?  Yes, this was eye opening.  The business plan.  The education so we knew what we were doing.

The guidelines.  Experienced people to help and advise. How to run our business.

I knew that I did not want to go in debt like that again.  But I wanted a business.  A guide to help on this long road life known as retirement.  It does not have to be as lonely as this one looks.  You can find some help with the retirement bucket list suggestions.

Building and growing   

A reason to exercise my mind, a way to earn money. The challenge of the online concept.  I am so grateful to have found a way to learn and earn at the same time.

Starting from ground zero with no computer skills beyond data entry.  This made getting the site up and going slower than I would have liked, however, so be it.  I just hung in there and did it.

Now I have the social contact of a number of the community members who are in my network group.  I can see the training updates that are posted.  

The words of encouragement they offer. Explanations they offer.  Conversing via the internet. Keeping up with visits from their grandchildren. Personal victory steps.

Ups and downs of business where ever they live.  The networked community contains all ages from teenagers to some who are older than me.

Common interests

These people are interested in having an online business, and working from home, just like me.  Having a common interest bridges many gaps, and makes the communication multigenerational.  There may be a situation out there that is not represented by our membership.  However, there will not be many.

You will be able to read and follow many different business creation styles. Positive help and ideas that will help you when stuck.

Yes, you will get stuck when you are starting a business. This is where the experienced marketer advice is so helpful.  They have been there and know what works.

There are many younger members who have great technological skills as they enter this world.

There are also some who start with less internet knowledge than I had, which is hard to believe.  The combined help has guided me.   They will help you make use of the information given in the lesson plan.

Guiding you as you find your way to the ability to do this yourself.

We all can.  Some may take longer.  You can, with repeated effort, and continued study.   Applying of what you learn. You can have an online business.  You can share and grow your knowledge in whatever niche you are interested in pursuing.

Do I have to become a member?

Can you build your business with only the basics that are offered for free for your lifetime?  Of course, you can.  

But why would you cause yourself so much trouble?  Why would you not take advantage of the help offered through the premium membership?

If you are learning anything, you will need the guidance you will find shared so freely here.  If you are retired already, you may think that is too much trouble.  

That you won’t be living long enough to become truly comfortable in this new form of learning and working?  What else do you want to do with your time? 

What if you live to be 100 years old.  

Is it not your responsibility to remain happy, positive and a contributing member of your community?

Technology is a fast-paced field.  And help is needed to keep your balance, and move forward.  

Did you know that education the best brain exercise that exists?

This is a lot more fun than your crossword puzzles.  The stimulation is exactly what your brain needs.  What you need to keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

What else are you doing?retirement bucket list suggestions

Already bored with retirement, and not having interests to be excited about learning?   Consider this option for helping you solve these boredom problems for yourself.

Have something you are ready to get up and get started on every day.

A reason to read and research. Get your retirement bucket list suggestions out and see where you are.

If you do not enjoy just chit chatting with people, sharing your life experiences, maybe you will like the affiliate marketing.  You simply find products that you find interesting and helpful.

Write an article about why you like the product.   Explain how it can help your reader.  Why they will benefit from this product.  You collect commissions.

Maybe you have a charity that you would like to raise money for?  There are many options for you, once you learn to use the tools that are available.

Several of the students in my network have made some good money writing for other marketers.  There are many ways to make money online.  You just need to learn how.  

Is Wealthy Affiliate for you?

Use this free sign-up opportunity to check out the platform.  

Yes, you will need to enroll to retain all access.  Is your continued mental health not worth something?

If after the first year, you decide that this is not your cup of tea, stop and move on.  Or stay a monthly member and stop when you have had enough.

As I knew what I wanted from the start the value of annual membership made this the better choice.  At least for me.      

We are all different.  

Just give yourself a chance to find out if this is your fun thing for retirement. A chance to create an extra stream of income.

Then you can return from the grocery store.  Appreciate the experience as an escape into the “real” world for a bit.  Your taste of life in a slower lane.   Then come back and get back online to the fun stuff. 

Don’t be one of the disappointed retired senior citizens of the world.  You can have the best of both worlds.  Business and retirement work well together.  

Get your great bucket list going.  

Maybe I need to add camouflage clothing and a fire pit to my list.  Think I will see what Mr. B thinks about that.


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