Is Your Fixed Mindset For Retirement Living Making You Happy?

Is Your Fixed Mindset For Retirement Living Making Your Happy? Fixed mindset for retirement living  

Do you have a Fixed Mindset for Retirement Living for yourself?   Do you even understand how this fixed mindset can control your happiness while you are living your retirement life? 

Many people think that they “can’t” be happy during their retirement.  How is your retirement time living going?

If you believe that you can’t be happy, you probably can’t.  Unless you learn to change.  Learn to be happy.

Are you a retired person who thinks your life is “done” after retirement?  Why would you limit yourself with this mindset?  Don’t settle for less life after retirement. 

Sure you may be “done” with your working life.  However, there is lots of life left.  Are you aware that we are living longer nowadays?  Time to do lots of things.  


Help yourself to more out of your life.  Retirement is the time to live as you want. 

If you do decide to become a permanent part of your rocking chair on the front porch, so be it.  You can spend your retirement years watching the world go by.  Remember you are in charge of how you spend your time now.  

There is so much more available for you.  Will you step up and claim more for your retirement living? 

Or will accepting less for your life really make you happy?  Have you taken time to evaluate your retirement living?   And make actual decisions about this time in your life?  Or have you just settled for “whatever” came your way?  Let others guide your life?  Never really taken the steps to guide your life.

Did retirement time find you already settled into a way of living that “suits” you?  Was your adjustment to retirement smooth and easy?  You do realize that you are among the lucky few. 

Just remember this article about change, should you need to make some changes along in a year or so.  You can change.  Get your excitement level about life higher.


Do you find yourself excited about your days? 

Do you realize that you can be excited about your days?  There are two major mindsets.  You will find your self in one or the other to some degree.

A fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset will control your life to make sure it doesn’t go beyond what you have accomplished before.  This mindset tells you that retired senior citizens can’t change. 

This mindset will make you think you can’t learn.   Makes you think that you never can.

When you find yourself in this mindset, you will make sure you stay comfortable in your current situation.  If you are unprepared for retirement, this may mean living with money issues. Missing many opportunities to help your fellow man.  Contribute to society.  Feel a purpose to your life. 

A fixed mindset makes you think that this is the only choice for you. The way you have been going is the only opportunity open for you.  Do you ever hear the remark, “well, this is as good as it gets, I guess.”   

Even in bad health, no money situations, if your mindset guides you to think you can’t change, you will not make an effort to improve how things are going. 

If your fixed mindset tells you that you can’t change, you can’t.  Regardless of how capable you are of doing so.  You will remain in the bad situation throughout retirement. 

The Positive Fixed Mindset

We also have the Positive Fixed Mindset. Have you known people who have had bad breaks, lots of issues, but still they seem to wind up with everything going great?

Regardless of what comes their way, they shake it off, make corrections and are soon back on track for whatever life they had for themselves before the bad breaks.  Yes, they may have to go about things differently, but they are happy, upbeat and ready to tackle the world. 

This positive fixed mindset knows it can go about righting whatever happened, regardless of the incident.  This mindset will keep you on a positive path to be moving on with your life, and your retirement living is becoming a great time for you. 


Often people who are less than happy with their retirement living fall in the mindset that makes them think that they can’t change anything.  They think they can’t learn how to change things.  

Everyone can learn how to make good changes.  You just have to decide to do so.  Yes, it is harder for those who are stuck in this mindset to change.  But you can make the changes, even small ones to improve your retirement living life. 

You can have goals.  Most people who don’t make goals, don’t know how to make them.  You are not a freak of nature because you don’t know how.  You just never did learn how to change.  Does not mean you can’t. 

You just haven’t, YET!  Retirement living is a perfect time to change this and learn to set goals.   

Fixed Mindsets

A negative mindset can limit your happiness in retirement living.fixed mindset for retirement living

Take control of your mindset and change as you need to for your retirement situations and maintaining a happy life. 

A positive mindset can assure happier retirement living.  You can claim the good time you were expecting for retirement. 

This is not to say that there will not be disappointments in your life.   You can control your reactions to these changes and move on.

So how do you change to a positive mindset?

Making a Positive Mindset 

Think about what you want to changeImagine how this change would affect you. 


If you want to learn to play better golf, imagine how making good shots every time would feel. Get comfortable with the change already working for you. 

If you need to start small getting into the habit of a change, consider getting up earlier.  Eating healthier dinner at night.  You do not have to change everything at one time.  Think about what you need to do to make you happier. 

Jot down a list of small things you want to change.  You called this a chore list when you were working.  Unless you owned your own successful business, you had a chore list made by someone else for you.  This becomes a job! 

You are not searching for a job here.  Make the list for yourself.  Help the goal work for you.  Thinking through the change is the next step for making the actual change a part of your life. 

Be Specific 

Know what you are changing.  A vague “change my life” will not produce a good result.  Yes, this is a great overall goal.  However, we are talking specifics.  What you are changing and what you will be the result of this change.  Know what you are expecting.


Now that you know what you want to change and why, how will you make the change?  In the example of improving your golf game, How will you change it?  Take lessons from a prove?   Get your brother-in-law to help you?  Buy a video and learn from that? 

Make a plan. 

Do It 

Your plan is not going to happen unless you actually do it!  A course of action can be mapped out, but until you do something, nothing changes. 

How will you work with this part of the plan? 


As you live through and see the small goals met.  Learn to enjoy the process.  Enjoy moving forward with improving your retirement living.  Your smaller successes will build to a bigger one and even greater one.  It is a habit and repetition is what helps this process become a habit. 

Allow yourself to grow a positive mindset. 

Some have referred to this improving mindset as a “growth mindset.”  This is a mindset that happens as a result of faith. 

You have the faith that you can make changes for yourself for the better.  That you can make your life better. You can see the difference this can make for you even when no one else can.   

The opposite of this is the mindset that won’t change.  This mindset is comfortable with the excuses that are made to excuse the lack of improvement.  This person thinks he or she can’t change and doesn’t try to.   


Don’t put yourself in a box with no hope to improve.  Scientific studies prove that all mindsets can learn to improve. 

Learn different ways of getting things done and living.  Learning is one of the best brain exercises that exists for your life.  This keeps your mind growing and expanding.   A healthy mind is very important for a happy retirement life.  Beware letting your mindset becoming negative unwilling to change. 

You have some choices to make, what will they be?

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