Your Retirement Living Meets Artificial Intelligence. Are You Ready?

Your retirement living meets Artificial Intelligence.  Are you ready?Retirement living

How are you finding your retirement living meets Artificial Intelligence (or AI) impacting your retirement? With all the ways we are finding technology used to make strides in the world that astound and fascinate us, how is it affecting you and how your retirement proceeds?    

Not in the future, but in the right now? I personally find that I am better able to cope with some of the change encountered when I  understand more about what is going on. Do you find it easier to cooperate when you have some idea of what to do? How to proceed?  

Lets’s start with a definition.  That may clear some of the smoke away.

According to Wikipedia: Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines. Following This link will give you a Wikipedias mind-boggling array of information about AI.

With all the ongoing discussions about the future in which when we will no longer need people to drive cars, trucks, and trains, you tend to forget how this technology affects your everyday life.  

You sign up for your Social Security benefits.  As you enter the offices, the first thing you do is get a number from a machine.  No friendly receptionist to acknowledge your presence. Take your name and call you when someone can help you.  

You have become a number.

When you are giving your information to the representative, it is entered onto a form that does an auto correction. If your representative makes an entry error for anything but spelling it is usually corrected immediately.  If the spelling does not match their records, you may have issues, but they can usually be eventually corrected.  

When you call for an appointment with your Dr. you do not get a live person, right at first. Your first message or instruction is to hang up and call 911 if this is an emergency.  There are always several steps to go through to get to whoever you are trying to set up an appointment with.  You receive assurance that there will some be someone available to take your call.  

Please hold.

You are assured that “your call is very important to us.  After a bit, you will be asked to continue to hold or leave a message, and you still haven’t had a real person with a voice speak yet.

You are assured that there will some be someone available to take your call.   You will be asked to hold or leave a message, and you still haven’t heard a real person with a voice speak, not yet.  Just recordings.  

Now, time for a refill of your prescription?  That’s right, you get a message when you call the pharmacy.  You make choices, and if all goes well,  you will be asked to enter the number of your prescription.  No person needed.  No need to scratch your head in wonder, like our friend here.  We are moving into another world.

Online accessRetirement living

You have online access to your financial records from bank accounts, to credit cards purchases and totals.  You can monitor your finances as never before. All from your laptop or phone.  

You can handle all billing for personal and business from your home or on the go.  

The only limits to how this technology can help you will be your ability to use it.  This cost cutting, efficient way of operations that make up these developments?  It is here because someone somewhere saw a possibility.  

Grocery shopping online?  Are you doing that?  I have a friend who loves this service.  Not just in bad weather times.  Her Walmart does not deliver, yet.  She does have to drive by and someone meets her on the curb of the street with her grocery items, puts them in her car.  


With Amazon getting in the picture with Whole Foods purchase, those who live in the areas where these services are available will have another avenue for convenience.

More important at some times than others.  For my friend, being able to drive through and pick up her groceries, already bagged and ready was so nice while she had a long bout with a bad cold.   Those times she did not really feel up to dressing and getting out to shop.  

I think of new moms, moms home with sick youngsters.  Older couples when one or the other is sick and you need soup and milk.  To not have to leave the sick one home very long, just do a drive through and pick up your needed supplies.  Would that be really helpful? 

An important one for me is being able to order what we want and need to wear. As senior citizens, we have our clothing “style” pretty much set.  We know what we want.  Have you ever searched for long sleeves, 2 pocket shirts with pocket flaps?

Much easier than actually shopping when you are not excited about the chore.  Or searching for a new bed spread.  When shopping from a small town in the hill country in near the heart of the state.  Yes, you can count me in, addicted.   

Yes, the list is growing of how we use technology in our daily lives.  Technology that was not available even 30 years ago or 20 or 10.  We use these modern conveniences as though we were born knowing how.

Big changes every day 

When the newly 5-yr-old grandson found out we did not have some service on TV that is a part of his household his remark was, Granmom, you just call Amazon.    So yes, here I am, a Granmom getting advice from a 5-yr-old.  

He will be all over the driverless cars and other ways of travel. He may not even know about truck stops.  They may disappear, at least as we know them.  The big truck stops that spread over a full block. With all the junk food one can imagine.  Buc-ee’s Tee shirts where are you?

It is hard to really imagine what his reality will be. Whatever, I know that he will thrive and with his open mind for possibilities, be ready.  He loves his new machine gun style of automatic reloading Nerf Gun!  No revolvers and caps for him.  No kids do not play cowboys and Indians now.

The wonders never cease. 

As a retired citizen are you ready for what may come your way? To not run from technology. To be open in your thinking and make these new ways of doing things work for you.  

It is either, accepting the changes and use them as you see fit. Or fight them and still have to use them, in the long run, to be able to do what needs to be done as you work through retirement.

This is your retirement time and your retirement life.  Make it the best of retirement living that you can.  Do your best to have a happy retirement.  Technology can help.Retirement living


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